Monday, April 14, 2014

Space and Time

What if you could see the world move over thousands of years from single vantage point.

You might think it would look like videos you've seen where someone placed a camera and took a snapshot every day for a year or longer. You might image a flipcard view, like an old fashion movie. Those kinds of studies are interesting. But they create a very shallow view, mostly in terms of human impact on the environment.

What if you could really see the changes to the earth, the forest, the streams, the land, the ebb and flow of the rivers and valleys.

Don't get distracted by the rotation of the earth or the daily cycle of day and night. Those are phenomena in our experience.

No, at this level there is no day and night. The sun, moon, planets and stars are vibrating strings in the sky. There is no discontinuity. They are literally waves at this scale.

Time span changes the world.

Now ignore that fascinating effect and look again the ground. It's moving, breathing, in and out, expanding, growing, shrinking, here and there.

It is here you find the continuity that describes experience. It's now the land that lives. the forest that moves. the rivers that literally pulse like blood in the veins of larger system.

The planet itself is moving, changing, like a blob of water weightless in space, the earth bobs about, shimmering and changing shape.

The gas and dust in the space around our solar system now come alive, they are like violent weather, blowing and wearing on our local system.

Speeding up, space itself is now comes alive and and reveals a living system of activity and change.

Stars appear, shine for a while and then either explode or puff out like a flower blooming, spreading its seed.

As we speed up time, larger and larger scales of the universe come into focus.  Frozen at first, then movement, then hyperactivity, then that level disappears as micro-time of the next universe.

Can we really think that we understand what experience is at this level?

From this perspective, we bacteria appearing for a moment on a larger body.