Friday, July 8, 2011

The Tyranny of Self Discipline

If you temper yourself to encounter the aspects within you that tend to be rebellious, narcissist and immature, it may be good to be on guard for situations which support this goodness but aren't necessarily good for you.

I am speaking of unquestioning obedience to a spiritual guide or master. I have seen situations where western people, in their deeply authentic search for spiritual knowledge and grace, accept roles where they must completely comply with their spiritual teachers guidance. Now generally this is done benevolently and for the good of the student. However, not always. And it is the cases which cross over, in which the need to adhere to the rule for the benefit of the discipline it provides, can also be opportunities for subtle forms of abuse and victimization.

The challenge is to maintain enough common sense awareness that would naturally defend against such situations. The risk is to be so enamored and glamorized by the rule, that you don't trust yourself, or that you have illusions that unconscious total surrender provides some secret or hidden benefits. This is a false value that must be understood rightly.

A seeker's consideration should always lead him or her to the point to standing up, throwing off the shadows of subtle glamour and false ideas.