Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swimming Into Consicousness - Part II

So what are those qualities that I remember in that moment of coming back?

One of them is a kind of shrinking back to the boundaries of the body and mind and gaining orientation from the standpoint of, I guess I would call the 'seat of perspective'.

It is somewhere in back of the third eye on top, like being on top of the hill. and its perspective is above the eyes and behind them.

It has to do with coming back to the source or the seat. And that feels like the most fundamental point or the most fundamental character or attribute of this moment, the feeling of 'coming home', with a perspective such that the orientation of the mind is 'back to this point', back to 'what do I do', 'what do I remember', what's going on here? Not thinking anything in particular but to be in the perspective of thoughts themselves.

One of the earmarks of this is the cessation of activity, conjoined with a kind of of emotive relief that comes from an out breath or exhale, sitting down, or just coming to rest.